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Measurement of Social presence influence student satisfaction in an acupuncture online training


Yun Jin Kim*  


Purpose: The current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting medical institutions in way that may disrupt the learning of medical educations. This study purposed to evaluate students’ satisfaction, online learning environment, and social presence of students’ clinical acupuncture online learning. <P> Methods: The participants of this study (N= 40) were registered for a bachelor of medicine program of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2018 and enrolled in the clinical acupuncture online training course started from March 2020. A self-evaluated online survey based online learning environment, students’ satisfaction, and social presence were used for data collection. All data are shown as mean (M) ± standard deviation (SD). A p-value of <0.05 was considered statistically significant. Multiple regression analysis was used to address the effects of learning environment on social presence and student’ s satisfaction with online learning on social presence. <P> Results: The results explained that measure the students’ satisfaction of online learning in the clinical acupuncture and their effect of learning environment and social presence. Learning environment categories related to the motivational needs and the social presence items were significantly correlated p< 0.05. The results of this study advised the social presence explained for the variance in students’ satisfaction in clinical acupuncture online training. <P> Conclusions: These findings support the use of online learning obtain factors that affect the variance of student satisfaction in clinical acupuncture online learning. It can be explained that the primary deficiencies in assigning clinical acupuncture online learning at the undergraduate level fall within the social contexts and interpersonal.


Student satisfaction, Learning environment, Social presence, Acupuncture, Online training


School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xiamen University Malaysia Jalan Sunsuria. Bandar Sunsuria. Sepang. Selangor. 43900

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